Incogneato Testimonials

We've helped many organizations collect honest, open feedback from their employees, clients, constituents, or peers. Featured below are some recent testimonials.

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Justin Olson -"We started using Incogneato several months ago. It has been a great platform for our organization as we have sought to collect honest, open feedback from our employees and to give them a way to share that feedback with complete anonymity. Anytime we’ve reached out with questions about the platform the support we receive from Incogneato is excellent. We appreciate the partnership and platform!"

Gabby Head -"Incogneato totally changed how we were able to open fully transparent lines of communication for our employees to share their feedback with the company. Previously, employees had to go as far as typing up their suggestions to ensure anonymity and because of that, feedback was very limited - not anymore! Incogneato has created a completely free and open line of communication directly from our employees to our Executive Team, which goes over the suggestions we receive on a weekly basis. We send a bi-weekly reminder email to the entire company to urge suggestions through the Incogneato platform, and the amount - and quality - of suggestions and feedback we now receive is incredibly helpful and insightful. In particular, ideas and suggestions for the design of our new office building have been most prominent and has allowed employees to feel like they have a hand in the design process. We're big fans of the Incogneato platform - keep up the great work!"

Olivia Pink -"Prior to Incogneato, we lacked an effective platform where employees could share their ideas anonymously. By using Incogneato’s simple, intuitive user interface, employees are now able to comfortably submit their own suggestions, opinions and ideas on how to better improve our organization! We would highly recommend for companies of all sizes!"