Full Features List

If you don't see a feature you'd like added, you can always suggest it. If you are really adamant we will provide customizations to the product from time to time.

All Plans:

Anonymous Feedback Collection
Collect feedback without compromising the privacy and anonymity of your respondents.
Secure & Private
256-bit TLS encryption. Respondent identities are obscured and not shared with box owners.
Collect Unlimited Feedback
There is no limit to the number of respondents or responses you can receive.
Website Widget
We provide simple code you can use to add your feedback box to your own websites.
Real-Time, Anonymous Chat
If you happen to be online as feedback is coming in, you can have an anonymous conversation with your respondents.
Data Export
Your data is yours and you can always export it from the admin dashboard.
24/5 Support
Email and chat support is available weekdays.
Free 30-Day Trial
Use Incogneato for four weeks before selecting a plan.
Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with the Incogneato product you may request a full refund.

Professional Plans:

Up to 25 Secure, Anonymous Boxes
24 additional feedback boxes to collect different data or data from different sources.
Custom URL
Create your own custom URL on the ansr.me domain (e.g. ansr.me/YourCompany).
Custom Logo & Styles
Add your own logo and change the button color for a completely customized box.
Require Email Addresses
Sometimes you need to reply back to your respondents. By default, email addresses are optional and always hidden.
Ability to Restrict Box Access
Use a password to limit access to you box or only allow specific IP addresses (i.e. your organization) to access and respond.
Unlimited Admins
Add anyone on your team as an administrator to review feedback and respond, should they choose.

Premier Plans:

Unlimited Secure, Anonymous Boxes
All the additional feedback boxes you may need to collect different data or data from different sources.
Voting & Discussion
A forum where respondents can vote and comment on feedback and ideas helping you with prioritizing what is important. Moderator controls let you lock voting and discussion and delete individual comments. There are even safeguards to help prevent ballot stuffing and additional controls and protections.
Priority Support
Your support requests will garner additional attention and speedier responses.