Anonymous Employee Feedback

Anonymous Employee Feedback

Collecting anonymous employee feedback can be a valuable tool for your organization. Employees at all levels often have unique perspectives and ideas, but for a variety of reasons, may not feel comfortable sharing them in a face-to-face interaction. Some may fear being judged or rejected while other may fear losing their job. Anonymous employee feedback levels the playing field and creates a safe space for everyone to share their ideas.

As an example, consider employees who are either new to a company or lower down in a hierarchical organization. They may not feel comfortable sharing ideas and prefer to avoid "making waves" even when they benefit personally by sharing their thoughts. In those cases, valuable feedback can be lost forever.

Collecting Anonymous Employee Feedback Can...

  1. Encourage new perspectives and ways of thinking
    Research suggests that anonymity breeds honesty. If an employee does not feel comfortable sharing their ideas in the open, they will keep silent and withold knowledge.
  2. Provide a platform to those who feel disenfranchised
    Not every employee has the confidence to speak openly. This can be out of fear of making waves or having felt intimidated in past interactions.
  3. Reduce costs and boost revenue
    Employees at all levels have great ideas for reducing costs or for new revenue models. They may just lack the right avenue to share them.
  4. Promote active participation among all employees
    Diverse teams include differing personality types. Those who avoid conflict may be less likely to participate in uncomfortable face-to-face discussions.
  5. Reveal dishonest or illegal practices
    Whistleblowing can come with great personal and professional risk. Tools that guarantee anonymity can help employees feel comfortable reporting workplace problems.
  6. Improve customer retention
    Customers have great ideas too, but may not feel comfortable sharing them.

Collecting Anonymous Employee Feedback Is Easy

Incogneato is a safe, anonymous employee feedback tool that is also significantly less expensive than other options. We believe that all organizations should be able to collect anonymous feedback without having to pay hefty monthly fees. This especially rings true now as organizations are trying to cut costs to survive. Incogneato is free for the first 30 days and no credit card is required until you subscribe to a plan.